“When at night I go to sleep. . .”

When I first discovered the Fourteen Holy Helpers, it was while flipping through Treasury of Catholic Stories, which I'd received for Christmas in 2009 but never completely read (yep, that's me). It happened to be during the initial stages of setting up this blog, back in May. And I wasn't looking for them. I had no idea that their story … Continue reading “When at night I go to sleep. . .”


Why do you linger here? {Arwen’s Choice}

During these last couple of August weeks, the freshman year of college is beginning for the great majority of my female Catholic homeschooled peers. Two girls my age from our parish have moved away, and other, older girls are starting anew the cycle of their third or fourth school years. Their lives have doubtless become busier, more complex, more noisy, and I can only imagine many … Continue reading Why do you linger here? {Arwen’s Choice}