Os justi meditabitur sapientiam

When I opened my missal for Mass this morning and realized that today is the feast of Saint Raymond Nonnatus, I knew I recognized the name of one of the three glories of the order of Our Lady of Mercy, instituted for the ransoming of Christian slaves from the Muslims (along with St. Peter Nolasco and St. Raymond Penafort.) … Continue reading Os justi meditabitur sapientiam


Why do you linger here? {Arwen’s Choice}

During these last couple of August weeks, the freshman year of college is beginning for the great majority of my female Catholic homeschooled peers. Two girls my age from our parish have moved away, and other, older girls are starting anew the cycle of their third or fourth school years. Their lives have doubtless become busier, more complex, more noisy, and I can only imagine many … Continue reading Why do you linger here? {Arwen’s Choice}

Waiting for My Nazareth

See what I mean about sharing graces and encouragement? Mary and I were blogging about the same things on the same day without realizing it. . .it’s obvious that we spend a great deal of time together and share everything most important to our hearts! Enjoy!

Benedic, Domine, Nos


The role of the girl in life is the most glamorous and fascinating in all the world. To the nomads of the East she is the “little gazelle “and to the Japanese the “plum blossom.” In the Book of Proverbs she is the “dearest hind and most agreeable fawn.” Jewels, sapphires and rubies are her eyes and lips. The softness of a spring morning is in her words. Her smile is as the splendor of the rising sun. Of all the creatures in the world she is made by God the most beautiful. She is the incarnation and summation of all the flowers of nature. No man ever spoke more truth than when he whispered into the ear of his beloved that she was divine. She is an image, a spark of divinity given to us in life as a preview of things to come. She is yielding, helpless, yet…

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